Free Download MonsterInsights Pro V8.3.2 + Addons – WordPress Analytics Plugin

The free download MonsterInsights Pro v8.3.2 Pro Plugin + Addons MonsterInsights lets you create, modify, monitor and monitor your WordPress website’s Google Analytics Performance. The company is run by Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner similar to OptinMonster and WPForms.

More about MonsterInsights Pro v8.3.2 The most recent version

MonsterInsights Professional is the most effective Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. These are the characteristics that make MonsterInsights one of the most powerful as well as user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin on the marketplace.

MonsterInsights is essentially a plug-in that allows you to modify, monitor and integrate all of the site monitoring administrations of Google Analytics on your WordPress website.

It is a huge step to ensure that the process of tracking your website using Google Analytics is straightforward. The plugin was developed by Yoast who is the developer of the WordPress website design plugin which is considered to be the most effective WordPress search engine optimization.

The plugin comes in two different versions that make up the MonsterInsights modules that are available, the free and professional version.

The Professional version includes all features of the base version. The free version of MonsterInsights allows you to integrate Google Analytics quickly. In the free version you will also be able to access all of the required information required for an entire site.

The accompanying features are remembered for the free form. The establishment procedure is essential.

Free Download of MonsterInsights Pro Latest Version – WordPress Analytics

Principal Features that make up MonsterInsights Pro. Most Effective WordPress Analytics plugin

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What’s New in MonsterInsights Pro (New Features) shared for social networking.

  • Ecommerce Report
  • Form Conversion
  • Custom Dimensions
  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Supports MemberPress
  • Author Tracking
  • Categories/Tags Tracking
  • Google Optimize
  • Supports LifterLMS
  • Unlimited access to sites
  • Universal Tracking
  • Affiliate Links
  • Banner Ads
  • Performance
  • Google AMP
  • Ecommerce Enhanced
  • File Downloads
  • Improved Link Tracking
  • Scroll Tracking
  • EU Compliance
  • FB Instant Articles
  • Logged-in User Tracking
  • SEO Score Monitoring
  • Engagement Monitoring
  • eCommerce Tracking
  • Custom Post Types

What’s New in MonsterInsight Pro (Add-on Files)

  • Ads Addon
  • AMP Addon
  • Dimensions Add-on
  • eCommerce Addon
  • EU Compliance Addon
  • Facebook Instant Articles Addon
  • Forms Addon
  • Google Optimize Addon
  • Page Insights Addon
  • Performance Addon

Free Download of MonsterInsights Pro Latest Version – WordPress Analytics

What’s new What’s New MonsterInsights Pro v8.3.2 (Changelog)

  • New: Our context-based educational messages now emphasize the report or the setting that is discussed, making it easier for you to make informed choices.
  • Modification: We added additional security checks to the protocols employed to transmit server-side events via the measurement protocol, to prevent the preloading plugins from activating them.
  • Changes: We have modified the widget to ensure the popular posts curated by the widget are displayed randomly.
  • Change: We included a filter that permits to disable this Popular Posts random display of posts.
  • Modification: We changed the method we load Popular Posts styles to improve performance in situations where the styles aren’t employed.
  • Correction: We upgraded our analytics.js by integrating the gtag.js compatibility layer for greater stability, and also fixed an issue that might interfere with bounce rates.
  • Correction: We changed the loading screens in order to improve consistency in loading reports.
  • Corrected: We corrected the fatal error that happened because of the name of a generic class conflict.
  • Corrected: Fixed a few issues users were experiencing when using our Exclude From Tracking feature.
  • Update: With the latest Exclude from Tracking feature, Feature administrators can now block any post or page from being tracked.
  • Correction: We have fixed the local gtag.js which didn’t work using only one GAv4 connection.
  • Corrected: We have fixed the messages that appear in the plugin settings based upon your Media Addon activation status.

What’s new What’s New MonsterInsights Pro v8.3.2 (Changelog)

  • Tweek: We classified and improved the plugin’s notifications.
  • Correction: We corrected Javascript problems when CookieBot plugin is running and the Forms extension isn’t.
  • Correction: We corrected UTM parameters for tracking links.
  • Corrected: We remove the attribute type of the script tag, if the theme you are using currently has html5 support.
  • Correction: We corrected GA4 eCommerce events that were missing.
  • Improved: We corrected the wrong number of Year In Review average page views.
  • Corrected: We corrected our integration to Enfold Theme Ajax forms in which conversions weren’t being monitored.
  • Corrected: We corrected the issue of backward compatibility with AffiliateWP versions that are below 2.7   
  • We’ve added a new feature: with our limited-time Year in Review report you’ll be able to assess the performance of your website in 2020 and what you can do to enhance it for 2021. The report will be available from January 1 until the 14th of January 2022 in the Reports section of MonsterInsights.
  • New In Pro: We are introducing The MonsterInsights Media addon that lets you track impressions and time-of-view monitoring for videos that are uploaded to WordPress or embedded from YouTube and embedded on Vimeo instantly!
  • In Pro New We’ve added a brand new integration with AffiliateWP which allows you to more efficiently track your affiliate’s influence on your conversion rate!
  • Modify External hyperlinks to our documentation every time open in new tabs in order to help you perform the actions described in the documents.
  • Correction: A bug caused reports to display empty numbers.
  • Improved: This means that the Headline Analyzer feature will no more unpin once a different plugin’s tab has been removed.
  • Corrected: Legacy analytics.js code has been removed. This improves efficiency by removing switches and databases lookups.
  • Improved: A glitch which caused dashboards to occasionally display the bounce rate indicator two times to show the bounce rate box twice for GAv3 properties.
  • Corrected: A problem that was a problem with Cookie Notice when used in Cookie Notice’s older mode.
  • Improved: A bug that prevented authentication for networks that are on the multisite panel has been addressed.
  • Tweak the GA Compatibility layer function has been able to have its output sanitized.
  • Bugfix Updated events are triggered when the dual-tracking mode is turned on to ensure that bounce rates are not affected for GAv3 properties.
  • A New Version of Pro Email Summary that shows the traffic trends over the past seven days
  • New in Pro We’ve integrated official integrations with both CookiesYes and Complianz. Complianz as well as CookieYes plugins.
  • New full Google Analytics v4 support! After working in close collaboration together with the Google Analytics staff for a number of months, we’re pleased to announce the full support of the latest version of Google Analytics. Google Analytics. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the most current edition of the Google’s website analytics system, and it is able to track apps and websites within the same location. Additionally, it comes with new reporting tools and features that can provide you with deeper, more precise insight into how visitors interact with your site. We’ve made sure to ensure that users using GAv4 are able to use it quickly, for example, by making sure that your GAv3 events GAv3 are exactly the same way in GAv4 without the need to alter any code or configure. You can learn all about GAv4 and MonsterInsights on our [announcement blog post](
  • New GAv3 and GAv4 Dual Tracking Support. We’re also thrilled to introduce our unique dual-tracking feature. This feature allows you to track visitors to simultaneously the Google Analytics v3 (Universal) as well as an Google Analytics v4 (GAv4) property simultaneously this lets you take advantage of the latest GAv4 functions without the need to compromise your previous data. You can [learn more]( about this MonsterInsights exclusive feature on our [site](
  • Modification: We’ve changed a few labels on the GAv4 labeling for reports to make them more precise.
  • New Pro The Pro version has included the Google Ads conversion tracking to WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads as well as MemberPress.
  • New Pro We’ve added a brand new integration with EasyAffiliates that is available to users who use WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and MemberPress.

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