Free Download Thrive Theme Builder v3.2 – Latest Version

Free Download Thrive Theme Builder is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a feature-rich front-end visual editor. The front-end visual editor gives you full control over every section of your theme. With the help of Thrive Theme Builder, you can create or customize your website header, category pages, footer area, sidebars, page layout, and many other important sections visually.

Free Download Thrive Theme Builder

You don’t need to have any coding or web design skills to build a fully functional theme using Thrive Theme Builder. Even a beginner can build a perfect theme in just 15 to 20 minutes by following the site set-up walkthrough wizard. If you don’t want to spend time building a theme from scratch then you can use a prebuild professionally designed Shapeshift theme.

The Shapeshift Theme is a companion theme that comes free with Thrive Theme Builder. Shapeshift has pre-designed site sections and templates for every area of your website. Overall, Shapeshift is a full-fledged skin for Thrive Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder was built keeping the mobile users in mind. So, It is a fully mobile responsive theme with every modern browser support. It also allows you to modify your theme’s typography settings with a few clicks.

The typography section of Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard allows you to quickly set up font type, font size, hyperlink hover effects, font shadow, font spacing, and much more. Overall, Thrive Theme Builder is a conversion-focused fully-fledged WordPress theme with unique and useful features.

Free Download Thrive Theme Builder v3.2

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What’s New in Thrive Theme Builder v3.2 (Changelog)

Optimize checkout template to support field manipulation
Fixed some conflicts between offscreen sidebar and sticky elements
Disable Lightspeed optimization when displaying an AMP page

Thrive Themes Builder Version 3.0.2 Released
Compatibility fix with Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.8.2 Released
Fix for video elements thumbnails not being playable
Mega Menu sub item’s background color is not reflecting when changed

  • Fix for a conflict with Buddypress and Wishlist Member.
  • Fix for sticky sidebar position with lazy loading content inside.
  • Fixes for the WooCommerce Product Tags / Categories templates.
  • Hotfix for templates being created automatically for old themes.
  • Bugfix: Certain license types weren’t able to update TTB.
  • Fix for a one-time auto-update for Thrive Products (in certain conditions an auto-update was triggered for Thrive Products ).
  • Security improvements for the Legacy Thrive Themes.
  • Fixed an access restriction bug and dashboard warnings.
  • Fix for a function that was not available for auto-update check.
  • “You do not have enough permissions for this” issue on save.
  • Fix for off-screen sidebar when it’s hidden in the architect editor.
  • Some other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Free Download Thrive Theme Builder v3.2 + Shapeshift Theme Latest Version – WordPress Theme

Features of Thrive Theme Builder – Highly Customizable WordPress Theme

  • Front-end visual editor
  • No coding knowledge requirement
  • Conversion focused design
  • Drag n Drop designer
  • Custom templates support
  • Prebuilt Shapeshift theme
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • Unparalleled control over every section of the site
  • Category page design options
  • Set-up walkthrough wizard for beginners
  • 100% responsive layouts
  • Lots of design and site-building elements included
  • Integrate easily with popular tools and plugins
  • 100% customizable
  • Pre-built design templates for all site sections
  • Pre-installed Thrive Architect Lite
  • Theme-wide color palettes
  • Blazing fast loading speed
  • Built-in icons packs and fonts
  • Typography options
  • Lead generation elements
  • Beautiful author box designs
  • Custom search result pages
  • Megamenu support
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Sales Page of Thrive Theme Builder v3.2 – WordPress Theme

Pre-Built Design Templates For All Your Pages, and Page Sections

Not only does Shapeshift come with pre-built page and landing page templates that you can load with one click, but you’ll also get page section templates so you can quickly customize specific sections on each page. Want to change your page banner for a lead generation top section? In one click you can swap out any page section with a fresh new design and go from there.


What is thrive theme builder?

Thrive Theme Builder is the new flagship product from Thrive Themes that replaces their legacy themes. … Thrive Theme Builder is the first visual drag-and-drop theme editor for WordPress that allows you to create the structure and layout for your site in less than 15 minutes.

Is thrive theme free?

In Thrive Themes you can host all of your content within the Thrive Apprentice feature. It is built to be used in conjunction with membership plugins (some of which are available for free).

How do I install thrive theme builder?

You will see a new section called “Thrive Theme Builder”. Here, click on “Install Theme”: Then, click on the “Install selected products” button that became available on the bottom-center part of the page: This will start the installation of the Thrive Theme Builder.

What are thrive themes?

Thrive Themes is the most advanced, yet, simple-to-use WordPress suite of website tools. We create truly conversion-optimized plugins and themes to give a.

Is thrive architect a theme?

Thrive Architect lacks a theme builder. Thrive has been building a separate theme that will allow you to use Thrive Architect to create headers, footers, posts templates, but it’s taking a very long time.

How much is thrive themes?

Thrive Themes has two different pricing models. You can either purchase each of the tools individually, or you can opt for complete access to everything for one small fee of $19/month, paid yearly.

How Much Does It Cost?
Thrive Themes
Money Back:
30 days

What is thrive apprentice?

Thrive Apprentice is a WordPress plugin that will work with your current theme. That means you don’t have to overhaul your entire site or go through the hassle of setting up another site just to host your online course. Just install the Thrive Apprentice plugin and get started building

What does thrive membership include?

You purchase a yearly membership and that allows you to shop their online store of organic, non-GMO and sustainable products priced 25-50% off retail. As of this writing, a membership costs $59.95 per year (or $5 per month) and includes members-only deals, rewards, and free full-size product gifts.

How much is thrive architect?

How Much Thrive Architect Will Cost You? You can get Thrive Architect for $228 a year for 1 site. For this price, you’re going to get unlimited features, lifetime updates, and 12 months’ support.

What is thrive architect?

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for business and conversion focused websites. And because we know that entrepreneurs are busy, Thrive Architect is built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as possible to use.

How does thrive market work?

At Thrive Market, we guarantee your annual membership will pay for itself in savings. For example, if your membership fee was $60, and you only saved $40 during the year of membership, we will automatically add $20 Thrive Cash to your account after you renew. *This benefit is not available for monthly memberships.

How much is Thrive per month?

Thrive Market’s $60/year or $10/month membership gets you access to savings on healthy foods. Thrive Market/Facebook. If you spend a lot of time researching healthy foods, have a dedicated diet or food restrictions, or consistently buy organic or non-GMO foods online, you’ll likely get the most value with Thrive Market.

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