Free Download WP Smush Pro v3.8.4 – Latest Version

Free Download WP Smush Pro is a best performing and easy to use image optimization plugin for WordPress. This plugin is developed by the professional developers of WPMU DEV, which are the developers of many other excellent WordPress plugins. For example, Defender, Hummingbird, SmartCrawl, and hustle plugins are also developed by the same developer’s team.

Free Download WP Smush Pro

WP Smush Pro plugin compresses all your images and reduces their sizes without any visual quality loss. It just removes unnecessary data from images that aren’t needed. The compression done by the WP Smush Pro plugin is lossless and lossy image compression.

The WP Smush Pro plugin also allows you to serve images from their servers using their 45 point image CDN. You have to turn on the toggle of its image CDN service, and it will automatically start serving images from its servers; no further action or coding required. WP Smush Pro plugin also has a free version with limited features.

The Pro version of this plugin compresses images in a 200% faster and better way than the free version. It also allows you to convert and serve WebP image format to users. WebP format is about 25% smaller than any other image format, and it’s also recommended by Google Pagespeed for better website performance.

Free Download WP Smush Pro v3.8.4

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What’s New in WP Smush Pro v3.8.4 (Changelog)

  • Enhance: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.
  • Enhance: Lazy load compatibility with Slider Revolution.
  • Fix: Backups not properly removing from S3 containers.
  • Fix: Compatibility with Jetpack Site Accelerator.
  • Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on multisite.
  • Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on subdirectory installs.
  • Fix: Image resize detection UI.
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on the value of type bool.
  • Enhance: Local Webp description texts.
  • Fix: Translation strings.
  • And some other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Free Download WP Smush Pro v3.8.4 (Latest Version) – Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress

Features of WP Smush Pro – WordPress Plugin

  • Compress and resize images of up to 32MB size
  • Bulk smush all images at one click
  • Multiple image format compression support
  • Automatic image resize
  • 45 point image CDN ( up to 10GB space)
  • Lossy compression
  • Lossless compression
  • Auto convert all PNG to JPEG
  • Keep your original image in your server
  • Allows to remove metadata of images
  • Lazy load images
  • Lazy load animation
  • Detect incorrectly resized image automatically
  • Compression on upload
  • Single directory smush feature
  • Gutenberg support
  • Integration with WPBakery page builder plugin
  • Multi-site support
  • HTTPS compatible
  • Perfect fit auto image resize

Sales Page of WP Smush Pro v3.8.4 – Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress


Smush has been benchmarked and tested number one for speed and quality. It is also the award-winning, back-to-back proven crowd favorite image optimization & image compression plugin for WordPress.

  • Lossless Compression – Strip unused data and compress images without affecting image quality.
  • Lazy Load – Defer offscreen images with the flip of a switch.
  • Bulk Smush – Optimize & compress up to 50 images with one click.
  • Image Resizing – Set a max width and height and large images will scale down as they are being compressed.
  • Incorrect Size Image Detection – Quickly locate images that are slowing down your site.
  • Directory Smush – Optimize images even if they are not located in the media library.
  • Automated Optimization – Asynchronously auto-smush your attachments for super fast compression on upload.
  • Without Monthly Limits – Optimize all of your images up to 5MB in size, free forever (no daily, monthly, or annual caps).
  • Gutenberg Block Integration – View all Smush stats directly in image blocks.
  • Multisite Compatible – Offers both global and individual Multisite settings.
  • Process All Your Files – Smush will process PNG, JPEG, and GIF files for optimum results.
  • Super Servers – Smush images with no slowdown using WPMU DEV’s fast, reliable Smush API.
  • Convert to WebP (Pro Only) – Upgrade and automatically serve images in Next-Gen WebP format.
  • And many, many, more!


How do I use Smush image compression and optimization?

How to use Smush Image Compression for WordPress
On the Plugins page, click the Add New button to search for the Smush plugin.
On the Add Plugins page, type Smush in the Search plugins field.
The Smush plugin will be the first search result in the resulting display on the Add Plugins page. …
Once the plugin is installed, its Install button changes to Activate.

What are optimized images?

Optimizing web images is a process of delivering high-quality images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping the smallest possible size. Image optimization can be done in different ways, be it by resizing the images, caching, or by compressing the size.

Is Smush plugin free?

Why Use Smush to Automatically Optimize Your Images

As mentioned, Smush is a free image compression and optimization plugin for WordPress. … All of these features combine to help web pages that load faster, without any reduction in image quality – the only thing you have to do is install the free plugin.

How do I optimize images for WordPress?

How do I optimize images for WordPress?
Optimizing WordPress Images For Speed
Find Unoptimized Images In GTmetrix + PSI.
Use GTmetrix Legacy Reports To See More Image Optimizations.
Properly Size Images.
Defer Offscreen Images.
Serve Images In Next-Gen Formats.
Efficiently Encode Images.
Specify Image Dimensions.
Serve Images From A CDN.

What is Smush plugin?

WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing quality. Pros of WP Smush. WP Smush is very easy to use, and you can optimize your images on the fly as you upload them to your WordPress site. For your older images you can go to Media » WP Smush to bulk smush 50 images at a time.

What does Smush mean?

to mash or push, especially to push down or in; compress: to smush a pie in someone’s face.

How do I know if an image is optimized?

If you see any images has a copy with . bk. jpg , that means it is optimized, and you can also check the size of them.

What is the purpose of optimizing?

The purpose of optimization is to achieve the “best” design relative to a set of prioritized criteria or constraints. These include maximizing factors such as productivity, strength, reliability, longevity, efficiency, and utilization.

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