The 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads

Do you want to quickly build an easy WordPress form that collects your site’s visitor’s details? The 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads will help you with that!

The addition of a contact form to your website is an excellent way to improve the user experience (UX) and bring in new customers to your business.

However, creating a form could be tedious, time-consuming and challenging for those who don’t have a lot of knowledge about the art of programming.

This is the reason why the WordPress form plugin can come in handy.

In this post we’ll share our top picks for the most effective WordPress form plugins that are available on the market.

This way, you’ll be able to build amazing WordPress forms that boost the engagement of your visitors, decrease bounce rates and increase conversions to your website.

Before we do that, let’s be clear about the reason why you should include an WordPress form to your website in the first place.

Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads
Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads

Why should you use a WordPress Leads Form?

There are numerous benefits when you incorporate forms to your WordPress website. Actually, there are many benefits for you and potential customers.

The top three benefits that come with making use of WordPress forms:

  • Improve User Experience: If customers have any questions and need answers, they require a fast method to contact you. Contact forms offer them the easiest way to get answers to their questions.
  • Expand Your List: Once visitors use your form the email address they provide will be transferred to the email (ESP). (ESP).
  • Increase Sales When you increase your email list, you could apply some email marketing best techniques to keep the relationship alive. The new lead will turn into a long-term (and paid) customer.

However, you might be thinking, “Wouldn’t it be easier to put my email address on my page for contact? This way, people could contact me directly from their email service provider?”

This option might be more convenient but it would not be the best choice. Why?

Since doing this opens your inbox to spam.

Many spambots search websites in search of email addresses for different reasons. By submitting an email address direct on your site, spambots will be able to access your email address.

To get rid of that hassle You can just utilize to avoid that hassle, you can use a WordPress forms plugin. A majority of the plugins listed below come with a filter to ensure that your website is protected (and your inbox) from bots.

Let’s take a look at our top list of WordPress form plugins available on the market.

1. WPForms

WPForms is the most effective form-building tool for WordPress that is designed to be user-friendly but also robust. 

It is possible to create endless forms that include registration, contact and login forms, as well as order and many other forms that you can customize. It’s simple to modify with the drag and drop visual builders:

And WPForms includes a pre-made widget to include forms on posts, pages, and sidebars with the click of an icon.

You can also export your forms entries as CSV as well as Excel files so that you can easily manage your subscribers and leads offline or import all of your list of subscribers to other applications.

The primary objective that is the primary goal of WPForms is to make it user-friendly. It is compatible with all the well-known WordPress themes and has strong features and add-ons that enhance its functionality and accommodate all websites, including eCommerce.

WPForms is supported by a solid support staff and numerous documentation and step-by step instructions to help you make the most out of the plugin.

The Key Benefits and Features:

  • Contact form templates that are pre-built will make it much easy to build basic and sophisticated contact forms.
  • Simple drag and drop interface to personalize your forms   
  • Multi-page forms that enhance the user experience
  • Smart conditional logic allows you to show or hide form fields and sections based on the user’s behaviour
  • Geolocation will display information about location about users
  • Form abandonment, so you can take email addresses even if users don’t complete the form
  • The ability to create polls and surveys allows you to easily create and evaluate user responses right on your WordPress dashboard
  • Make WordPress forms that use AJAX so that the pages don’t load after submitting forms
  • Integrations for payment with PayPal, Authorize.Net, or Stripe.
  • Zapier integration that connects to more than 2000 CRM marketing, web, and mobile applications

WPForms boasts over 2 million active installations and has a loyal fan base.

If you’re in search of an Free WordPress forms plugin the WPFormsLite plugin offers all the basic contact form features are required to start such as the easy contact form, the basic field fields for forms and email notifications and a thank you page to confirm your form and even a captcha to provide protection against spam.

The higher-end version of this WordPress forms plugin you’ll be able to unlock access to all kinds of forms, including surveys user registration and post submissions, orders forms that accept paymentoptions, forms for uploading files, and more.

2.  Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a visually-based form editor with features such as multi-page forms as well as save and continue and form entries that are limited. Its sophisticated features makes it among the most effective forms builders available to use with WordPress (specifically designed for web developers). Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads this year!

Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads
Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads

The Key Benefits and Features:

  • Visual form editor allows you to create and develop your WordPress forms in real-time.
  • Utilize conditional logic to display or hide forms fields pages, sections and the submit button depending on the user’s choices
  • Create fields for uploading files for users to submit images or files, thus avoiding going back and forth to retrieve files later.
  • Let users save their forms for later dates
  • Create user-generated content using front-end forms that allow you to create WordPress posts.

Gravity Forms isn’t an affordable WordPress Form plugin however should you be making use of it on multiple websites it shouldn’t cost an issue.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster will be the most effective way to encourage more users to complete your web forms. How?

Incorporating forms into your opt-in campaign (like floating bars, popups welcoming mats with full screen, and many more).

Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads
Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads

Utilizing any of the form-building plugins below, you are able to incorporate your web forms into opt-in campaigns:

This allows you to get more users to fill out the form. This is because when you upload a form to the WordPress web page, you confront a huge issue How do you get users to fill out the form?

However, by integrating them into those OptinMonster campaigns, you’ll be in a position to direct your forms to the site’s visitors (rather rather than the reverse).

You can do this by with OptinMonster’s advanced targeting guidelines. This lets you display your form to appropriate people, in the appropriate locations, at the right moment in their journey to the customer.

Some of the most well-known targeting rules are:

  • Exit-Intent(r) Technology Display ads when users leave your site.
  • On-Site Retargeting(r) shows ads to users who have previously visited according to their interactions with the campaigns they had seen before.
  • Referrer Detection: Show your forms to visitors who are visiting specific third-party websites.
  • AdBlock Detection: Use the AdBlock technology to display your forms on the web to more of your users.

These are only one example, however there are plenty more.

The idea is that you are able to use one of these targeting principles to display your forms on the web and encourage more people to take interest in your forms.

And OptinMonster integrates with most of the most popular email marketing tools which means you can add new subscribers to your email list.

4. ConvertPlus Plugin

Free Download ConvertPlus Plugin is a well-known and most popular Popup plugin for WordPress. It has the most advanced features that help you to transform your visitors into subscribers. Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads!

Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads
Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads

ConvertPlus doesn’t require any coding language knowledge to build popups with it. You can create an opt-in popup in a matter of a few minutes using this plugin.

Features of ConvertPlus – Popup Plugin for WordPress

  • Responsive popups
  • Drag & Drop popup builder
  • 10+ Popup display positions
  • 12+ visitor behavior-based triggers
  • 100+ Ready to use pre-made templates
  • Exit popups – Display when the user is going to left your website
  • Opt-in popups for lead generation
  • Social popups
  • Embedded forms using shortcodes
  • Widget boxes
  • Info bars – Appears at the top of the page
  • On-Click popup
  • Video popups
  • Custom image background
  • Google fonts and reCaptcha support
  • Content Locker
  • Full-Screen Popups
  • Mobile-specific popups
  • After Scroll trigger
  • Repetition control
  • Realtime conversion statistics
  • Addons for connecting different email marketing tools
  • Registration forms

5. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a completely free WordPress forms builder plug-in.

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Simple WordPress forms that include checkboxes, checkboxes, and dropdown menus
  • Absolutely no cost WordPress contact form
  • Integration with tools to block spammers
Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads
Best WordPress Plugins to Capture Leads

In contrast to other WordPress form plugins Contact Form 7 lacks a visual form builder.

You’ve got it! Our top choices for the top WordPress contact form plugin.

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